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‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure – Peter Drucker’

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The Reality Check EcoMetric™

Following a decade-long, ground-breaking survey conducted by McKinsey & Co, involving over 500 organisations and 600 000 participants, they concluded that the ultimate competitive advantage was Organisational Health.

That is precisely what we measure and we do it scientifically.

It’s an exercise of commanding personal and group discovery.

What is Corporate Ecometrics?

Firstly, Ecology is the science of relationships between living organisms and their environment. When we talk about Human ecology, it is about the relationships between people and their respective environment. In other words, it’s a man’s collective interaction with his environment. Therefore, Corporate Ecometric is the quantification or measurement of employee behavior within a defined and specific corporate environment.


Understanding your Personel Driving Dynamics within a specific work environment. Getting acknowledged, understood and respected for who you are. Making full use of what naturally drives you Having the information to unlock your DNA. and work with what makes you tick every day.

The Reality Check EcoMetric™ is a technology-based Management tool that provides management with an accurate metric on the Organisational Health of their employees. The results of this metric have wide applications including:

  • Leadership Development.
  • Talent Management
  • Creation of exceptional understanding, awareness and communication between employees.

  • Recruitment.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Increased Productivity.

The Reality-Check EcoMetric™, is a powerful internet based management resource with over 28 years of research and development in the fields of study known as Ecology and Ecometrics, the quantification of human behaviour within a defined and specific environment.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of using our assessment tools?

  • An understanding of the Well-being of each employee, department and their division.
  • Understanding each employees driving dynamics – what motivates them.
  • Increased Staff retention.
  • Increased staff performance levels.
  •  Increased teamwork.
  • Better team member selection
  • Speed and ease of solutions for Sustainability and Growth.
  • Enhanced communication, understanding & awareness at all levels.
  • Increased staff morale.
  • A vital Recruitment tool
  • Effective & Practical Leadership development.
  • Talent management and retention.
  • Career Path Management.
  • Benchmark your Organisation.
  • Exceptional Recruiting & Profiling Resource.
  • Outstanding Team Building exercise.

How does it work?

Measuring The Human Capital Balanced Scorecard

The Human Capital Balanced Scorecard (Well-Being Indicator (WBI™/Organisational Health) assesses the pulse of the organisation, division, business unit and individual giving a ‘snapshot’ of the current state of Wellness. Thus, giving you an Understanding the impact of your “Well-Being” on the team performance and its financial health It provides a Scientifically Validated Human Capital Report.

Dr Juniper defines it as, “That part of an employee’s overall well being – perceived to be determined primarily by work and can be influenced by workplace interventions.”

In short, employee well-being identifies the individual’s happiness at work. A significant influence on their happiness level is their subjective opinions surrounding their job and their employer. Employee well-being considers the all-encompassing views, feelings and perceptions about their jobs and their organisation.

Employers need to know whether their employees are happy with their jobs and their following levels in order to fully understand their well-being:

  • Achievement
  • Expectations
  • Focus of control
  • General overall satisfaction
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Stress levels
  • Frustrations
  • Expectations

Where employee well-being reduces, so typically does his/her performance and effectiveness.

Across a team or entire organisation, if employee’s well-being is undermined, many key Organisational performance factors can be negatively impacted, for example:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased mistakes and errors
  • Conflict (with colleagues and up-line/down-line management/subordinates)
  • Grievance and disciplinary incidents
  • Sickness and absenteeism
  • Low morale and negative atmosphere
  • Poor customer services and quality
  • Resignations and job terminations (causing increased staff turnover)
  • Poor employer reputation among staff, customers, and potential new recruits

Understanding the risks to employees in relation to stress and well-being is an increasingly important responsibility for employers. And at Effective Assessments, we have the right tools to measure this in relation to both Employee Engagement and Personal Driving Dynamics.

Measuring Employee Engagement

Measuring Employee Engagement – assesses the engagement levels of all employees in each team, department, division or organisation as a whole

The Gallup Organisation, a leader in employee engagement research, found that employee physical health and psychological well-being affect the quality and quantity of work.

After 25 years of research on the construct of employee engagement, Gallup (2005) put forward that a high number of engaged employees will help an organisation attract more talented people while disengaged employees will cost an organisation in areas such as lower productivity, higher absenteeism, recruitment and training.

Actively-disengaged employees aren’t just unhappy at work: they’re busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged co-workers accomplish.

Semi-engaged and not-engaged employees are essentially ‘checked out’. They’re sleepwalking through their work day, putting time, not energy or passion, into their work.

Engaged employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. They drive innovation and move the organisation forward.

Source: Adapted from “Engaged employees inspire company innovation.” (2006, October 12). Gallup Management Journal,

Measuring Personal Driving Dynamics (PDD™)

Measuring – Personal Driving Dynamics (PDD™) assesses employee’s unique language of expression, prioritized in order of personal hierarchy – the very core of employees “Engine Room”.

The Pulse of each Organisation, Each Department, Each Team and Each Individual – REPORT ALL on ONE page!

All Employees wants to Be Understood and Acknowledged. Through Measuring the Personal Driving Dynamics of both Teams and Individuals, we are able to match the Environment to the PDD’s of each person thereby motivating each Individual as Uniquely as possible.

Employees will be engaged when they are understood and acknowledged. Knowing and acknowledging employees play a crucial role in motivating employees to deliver their utmost best. This helps managers understand their needs, expectations and what drives or motivates them.

Understanding and acknowledging employees, lead to a healthy work culture

Managers need to understand what makes each team member tick, what is their DNA, what are their most important driving dynamics. Knowing each employee individually leads to a happy work environment, better results and increased productivity.  Our qualified Ecometric Practitioners at Effective Assessments Not only provides your team with the required tools to assess the personal Driving Dynamics but also coach Leaders, Line-Managers and HR on how to lead Healthy teams and thereby have sustainable Employee Engagement and Organisational Health.

In Summary, the HCBSC and PPD Ecometrics will establish:

  • The Pulse of each individual, the team, the department– on one page!

  • Understanding the impact of your “Well-Being” on the team performance and financial health.
  •  A Scientifically Validated Human Capital Report.
  • Speed and ease of solutions for Sustainability and Growth.
  •  Optimise Talent Management and Team Performance.


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